Please, Please Use One of These Face Washes

If this were a Ted Talk, someone (ok, me, the writer) would be onstage screaming, “Your face is dirty and you need to wash it! And not just with soap and water! Get a cleanser, dammit!” It’d be a motivational speech more aggressive (and mildly more insulting) than any other you’ve heard before.

Why should you wash your face? Not only is it likely that it’s what your partner wants you to do, it’s also a necessary step in your grooming routine. If you’re going to use scrubs or moisturizer or masks, you need to start with a clean, fresh base, and that’s exactly what facial cleaners and washes do. If you work out and literally clog your pores with sweat and gunk, you need to wash your face with cleanser. You just need to.

Luckily, there are cleansers to suit every skin type, from oily to dry, as well as every budget and schedule. You can make one of these 13 cleansers work. Please. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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