Post Malone’s Hair Makeover: Chops Off Long Dreads & Begs Fans Not to Disown Him — Before & After

See Post Malone, post makeover! Say bye-bye to the “Rockstar” artist’s iconic man bun, because he’s rocking short hair now. The new look is so different, he’s pleading fans to not leave!

Post Malone, 23, now has short hair. No, this isn’t an alternate reality! The “Psycho” singer’s dreads, piled into a man bun, was his signature beauty look. But now, Post’s letting his curls come out to play — his chopped ‘do is bouncier than ever! Although we love the fresh cut, Post was nervous about how fans would receive the 180 makeover. “Had 2 big a** dreads. plz don’t stop listening to my music,” Post captioned a picture of his haircut, which he posted to Instagram on Oct. 6. DJ Diplo poked fun at Post’s self-consciousness, commenting underneath, “Going to sell all my Post Malone CDs on eBay now.” See a side-by-side of the before and after pictures of Post’s hair, below!

This is a dramatic move for Post, who’s been long attached to his long locks. They didn’t come with his rise to stardom in the hip hop industry — he’s been styling his hair since he was young! “Well ever since I was young I loved basketball, so one day I told my friend to give me some braids, and I got the braids, and I said “I felt like white Iverson,” Post told A Nation Of Billions in 2015, referring to former NBA star Allen Iverson. Post continued, “And he’s the best player of all time, so I had to make a song and pay tribute, because that’s how I felt.” In “White Iverson,” the track that propelled Post to fame, he rapped, “I got me some braids and I got me some hoes.”

Regardless of Post’s latest hairdo, we’re just happy to see him in two pieces. The artist almost had two run-ins with the Grim Reaper this fall! Post’s fans were on edge after his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing at New York’s Stewart International Airport after two of its tires blew on Aug. 21. And just two weeks later, Post’s Rolls Royce Wraith spun out in West Hollywood after a Kia collided into it on Sept. 7. A haircut is not the most dramatic life event to happen to Post these past months!

Post also shared professional photos of his new ‘do, shot by his regular photographer Adam DeGross, one of which you can see above. We dig the new look, Post!

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