Rainbow Sequin Minnie Ears Are Coming! I Repeat, RAINBOW SEQUIN MINNIE EARS ARE COMING

Did you wake up and think “Hey, how can I add to my collection of cherry blossom, birthday, Nightmare Before Christmas, unicorn, and rose gold Minnie Ears?” Good news for you! Disney Style just confirmed gorgeous and super fun RAINBOW SEQUIN MINNIE EARS will soon be available in Disney parks.

There’s not much more information available other than that the ears are coming to Disneyland and Disney World this summer, but the site says they are “the most colorful [version of Minnie ears] yet.”

Less than a month ago, Disney also rolled out Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love ears in anticipation of Pride Month. The ears — seen below — are sold exclusively in the U.S. parks and go for about $18.

‘Tis a small and magical world indeed.

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