Redheads Have the Most — and Best — Sex, According to a Condom Brand

After I bleached my hair last year, I was asked approximately 23 million times if I was having “more fun” due to my new blond status. Turns out, that cliché isn’t just overused — it’s statistically untrue. At least if you ask Skyn Condoms. According to the brand’s research, it’s actually redheads who are getting it on the most.

After surveying millennials, Skyn found that redheads have the most sex, with 77 percent saying they do the deed at least once a week. Blondes followed at 71 percent, and brunettes took a close third place with 70 percent.

Turns out, all of that action pays off — redheads also reported having the most orgasms. In fact, 50 percent of them cop to having two or more during a single liaison. They’re followed by those with black hair, who have the same climax-to-sex ratio 46 percent of the time.

Blondes, don’t worry — you’re still having fun (but you probably don’t need me to tell you about your own sexual habits!). Apparently, 55 percent of blondes masturbate at least several times a week, followed by 50 percent of those with black hair, 48 percent with red, and 45 percent with brown.

Of course, your hair color doesn’t define your personal choices by any means — but I wouldn’t blame you if all these fiery numbers inspired you to go red for Summer.

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