Ross Butler Gives a Rundown on His Turkey Bolognese Recipe

For our latest episode of Food Diaries, Ross Butler (who you may recognize as the notorious heartthrob of Netflix creations like 13 Reasons Why and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You) gives us a rundown of his turkey Bolognese recipe in partnership with Feeding America. As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the organization is working to feed an additional 17 million Americans in need.

“With that in mind, I wanted to use ingredients that you can find in food banks, maybe ingredients that you can find in your pantry that maybe you bought before,” says Butler. “Very simple and very easy.”

Read on for more details and make sure to catch Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix on June 5.

Ingredients for this recipe include olive oil, salt, pepper, canned whole peeled tomatoes, ground turkey, garlic, and Kraft mac and cheese.

Butler begins by finely chopping his garlic, then simmering it in a pan with dried red chile flakes for an extra kick. Next, he throws in the ground turkey and softly breaks it up into chunks. While mixing the ingredients, he begins to season the mixture with salt and pepper.

Once the meat is cooked, Butler adds the canned tomatoes. “I like to crush the tomatoes a little bit to let the juices seep out,” he suggests. Afterward, he lets the sauce simmer in the pan with the heat still on so that it can thicken. Butler also sprinkles in some cheese from the Kraft macaroni packet for more flavor.

Watch the full episode above to see exactly how Butler prepares his plate of turkey Bolognese.

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