Sephora’s In-Store Vacuum Treatment Is Only Available At Select Locations — And This Map Shows Where

Just when you thought Sephora couldn’t get any better, the retailer ups their game. The purveyor of practically every high-end and luxury beauty product under the sun is now so much more than where your credit card goes to die. The Sephora in-store facial vacuum is here to withdraw junk from your pores just like their cash registers withdraw cash from your bank account (one just clearly markedly more pleasant than the other).

What exactly is the facial vacuum? Well, it’s exactly what it seems to be, a machine that pulls out every last bit of junk lurking into those pesky pores that you try to cover with Benefit’s Porefessional. However, the pore vacuum isn’t the only thing you’ll be getting down if you go in for the treatment. It’s actually part of a larger facial system called the PERK Hydrating Facial.

Just like you can go into Sephora stores for make overs and beauty services, you can now go in and schedule a skin care service, that service is the PERK facial that comes with the pore vacuum treatment. The caveat here is that the facial is only available in about 100 stores nationwide. Don’t cry, though. Sephora has made it easy to find out where to get one.

If you want to take advantage of Sephora’s latest skin care service, head over to the retailer’s website now and use their locator feature to discover if the facial is being offered at a store near you. If not, there’s always the hope that the treatment could see an expansion in the future. If you do have a store close by, today is your lucky day.

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