Skincare brand launches 'anti-waste operation' by slashing prices on stock

We hate to break it to you, but skincare expires.

That old face mask you love and spent a pretty penny on? Probably expired.

It’s a real issue in the beauty industry.

When so much newness is thrust in consumers’ faces, many items go bad before they’re used up – because shoppers have so much open at once.

Skincare brand Gallinée is trying to fix that.

The brand is known for focusing on probiotic ingredients and the microbiome – a growing area in the beauty sphere – which benefit all skin types.

Due to the vast quantities of beauty products destroyed in the UK, the Anti-Waste Operation was launched.

It’s estimated that between 20% and 40% of beauty items end up as waste.

One way this happens is through products approaching the end of their shelf life and needing to be thrown away.

To reduce their own stock waste, Gallinée has now launched a sale section in which they’ll clear out items closer to the expiration date – but that still have time to be used up.

Products will be slashed by 70% both in the UK and US, meaning shoppers can buy cheaper and still enjoy the product for months.

Currently on the site there are products up for sale that expire in the summer through to September – meaning there’s potentially nine months in which to use them.

The brand says: ‘This way, no product gets discarded when it is still perfectly good to use.

‘The first Gallinée Anti-Waste Operation sale went live on Boxing Day and resulted in a surge in sales, and is expected to do so until the end of January 2022 when the offer ends.

‘Another Anti-Waste Operation sale will take place in April when Gallinée spring clean their warehouse, with future sale dates to be revealed throughout 2022.’

The brand tells the plan to hold these special sales quarterly, lasting for a month at a time.

All shoppers have to do is the use the discount code at the checkout, then the product will be automatically added to their order.

People can order as many products as they like, but only one of each item.

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