Could These Skincare Products Put an End to Period Breakouts?

Like clockwork, a few days before my period my skin rebels against me. I get blotchy and two to three inflamed pimples take up residence on my chin. As frustrating as this temporary switch in the state of my skin is, I also know that, as a woman, I’m not alone. The menstrual cycle is linked to how your skin behaves, and that fact just inspired an entire new skincare brand called Knours. 

It’s an eight-piece, EWG-verified skin collection filled with products designed to combat and complement different hormonal skin conditions you deal with throughout the 28-day cycle. The line ranges in price from $6 to $48. 

Take the Double Duty Mist, which retails for $36, for example. It’s a customizable toner that is actually made with two layers to address multiple complexion issues. The top layer features jojoba oil and botanical extracts that moisturize the skin, while the bottom contains aloe vera water and an ingredient called MultiEx BSASM Plus to soothe. The directions indicate to shake just once when the skin is at its best, but not to shake when its acne-prone. 

Another example is the Skin Meditation Gel Cream. “It’s very lightweight,” explains Dr. Anthony Rossi, a New York-based, board-certified dermatologist who works with the brand. “It’s very moisturizing, but it’s not irritating. A good time to use it is when your skin is inflamed, or when it feels out of balance. It has peppermint oil that can help with redness or facial flushing. It has ceramides that are very moisturizing and very hydrating, and it also has squalene which has more to do with hydration. So when your skin is more inflamed, you can use that.”


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The rest of the collection includes daily essentials like a gentle cleanser, facial wipes, and a face mask. Each product comes with directions that explain the best time to use it. To truly personalize your skin routine based on your hormonal changes, though, Knours created an app. 

“We wanted to incorporate app technology because so many of us are doing everything on our phones. We wanted to take the place of your period tracker and be the first-in-class period, mood, and skin tracker in one,” explained Jeana Chung, the Vice President of Marketing at the brand. “In the next version, we’re hoping to integrate sleep and steps and all the stuff you get from Apple Health to make our app that much better and more personalized.”

The app sends you push notifications on topics like when your period might be hitting and what skincare products you might need to focus on. 

On top of making it technologically-friendly and personalized, being a “clean” beauty brand was a founding principal. Knours’s founders wanted to ensure that the brand was free of any potentially dangerous, controversial, or toxic ingredients that could potentially disrupt your hormones. The whole idea is catering to the ebb and flow of your body with safe and effective skincare products.

I don’t know if any skincare brand will change the way I truly feel about my period, but this one makes the whole situation seem a lot less bleak. 

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