Stormi Tried Kylie Skin’s New Mask & It’ll Melt Your Heart

Look, you can feel however you’d like about the Kardashian and Jenner clan. It’s a love-hate kind of relationship, but it’s basically impossible to deny that the mini Kar-Jenners are adorable. In one of their most recent too cute to handle moments, Stormi stole the new Kylie Skin mask from her mom, and the video is going to melt your heart.

In video slides posted to her Instagram account on Oct. 28, Kylie Jenner recorded her daughter [Stormi stealing her new Kylie Skin face mask.]CUT stealing the newest product from Jenner’s eponymous skin care brand. It comes in a soft-touch plastic tube perfect for a toddler to grab and squeeze. Well, Stormi did just that.

The toddler attempted to squeeze out the mask into her palms but was unsuccessful because, well, she’s not even two years old yet. Her mom, seeing her struggle, allowed Stormi to have a little bit of the mask in her palms, squeezing it into her hands while her daughter laughs.

A few seconds later and Stormi has smooshed (yes, smooshed) the product into her face and smiles brightly at her mom’s camera in a moment that could melt even the most hard-hearted Kar-Jenner hater on the internet.

Jenner finishes the adorable moment by asking Stormi if she likes the mask, and of course, she replies, "Yeah!"

Jenner’s new Kylie Skin face mask launched Oct. 28, the same day Stormi decided she wanted one for herself. According to the brand’s Instagram page, the new Hydrating Face Mask contains shea butter, hyaluronic acid, kiwi seed oil, and vitamin C that helps to soothe and moisturize skin. In a launch video, Jenner explains that the mask can be used two ways, as an overnight treatment you leave on or as a 10 minute mask that you can wash off.

Currently, the mask retails for $34 on the Kylie Skin website and is still available for purchase. If it’s gentle enough for babies, then hey, it’s probably gentle enough for you.

Stormi’s use of the mask is the second time this week that Jenner’s daughter has emulated her mother. For Halloween, Jenner went all out for Stormi’s look dressing the adorable girl up as herself at the 2019 Met Gala. Yes, it included a duplicate Versace gown, feather sleeves, and a purple wig.

Looks like Stormi and Jenner may be proving the old addage true: like mother, like daughter.

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