Stuck in a rut? 17 centre-part hairstyles to wear to a dinner party, disco or date

Written by Morgan Fargo

Save or screenshot these centre-part hair inspiration pics for future reference.

If there’s one thing to leave behind in 2022 – yes, we are already talking about this – it’s being stuck in the same hair rut we have been for years. Our go-to hairstyles are easy because, well, we do them all the time. Practice makes perfect, etc. However, trying something new is part of the fun of hair. Unlike make-up or fashion choices, switching up our hairstyle usually doesn’t require new tools or products, just a little time in front of the mirror and patience while you learn how to make it work for you. 

Inspiration isn’t drawn from thin air though, so, if you prefer to wear your hair in a centre part, scroll through these 17 centre-part hair ideas to find your next new thing. 

  1. 1.

    Centre-part long bangs


  1. 2.

    Centre-part with headband


  2. 3.

    Sleek and straight centre-part


  3. 4.

    Centre-part up-do


  4. 5.

    Soft wave centre-part


  5. 6.

    Centre-part slicked bun


  1. 7.

    Centre-part with soft headband


  2. 8.

    The Gossip Girl centre-part


  3. 9.

    Wavy centre-part


  4. 10.

    Centre-part bubble braids


  5. 11.

    Centre-part bubble ponytail


  1. 12.

    Centre-part plait


  2. 13.

    The baby braid centre-part


  3. 14.

    Centre-part low pony


  4. 15.

    Centre-part pony


  5. 16.

    Skinny braid centre-part


  6. 17.

    Half-up centre-part


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