Take A Moment To Appreciate These Wild Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the *ultimate* boost for any and all makeup looks. I don’t even think we as a society take enough time to appreciate how much a couple of strips can easily ELEVATE the whole face. However! Do you know some people who are well aware of the power that bold lashes hold? Quite a few of the guests on Cosmo Queens. Pretty much every video is topped off with some killer lash extensions to bring it all home.

In each of their respective Cosmo Queens eps, the drag queens Silky Ganache, Shuga Cain, and Yuhua Hamasaki all uniquely switched up the standard strip lash vibe in honestly inspirational ways. Allow us to now present you with a roundup that highlights just how jaw-dropping these looks turned. You may end up itching to get a little bolder with your next lash look. Check out the full vid!

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