Why You Should Take a Solo Retreat This Summer, Just Like Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow

When it comes to all things health and wellness, a day trip to the spa filled with facials and massages will satisfy the need for an immediate moment of self-care. But these days, wellness has become more than just luxurious treatments and procedures, it's about allowing yourself to take the time to reconnect your mind, body and soul back to nature. Tucked away into the remote canyons of Utah is Amangiri, a heath and wellness destination where A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley head for total serenity and relaxation. While you've undoubtedly seen the Utah retreat all over Instagram, now, with more than 30 world-renowned wellness sanctuaries around the globe, it is easier than ever for you to decompress like a star.


“We create a retreat within an unexpected location,” said Roland Fasel, chief operating officer of Aman, adding that an“intimate, intuitive, and discreet” environment and “dedication to space, intimacy, and impeccable service” are the vital keys to creating the perfect retreat atmosphere. But it's more than wildly scenic backdrops and lavish spa services; Fasel emphasizes the importance of not only embracing the experience while on location, but learning how to maintain these lifestyle practices after you leave. "The goal is not only to achieve a transformational experience on the property, but to equip guests with the tools to incorporate what they have learned with us into their everyday lives," he said. This is the philosophy behind the highly acclaimed Kokoro retreat, where guests are treated to a variety of curated massages, facials, body treatments, and fitness classes, as well as basic Aman practices where for "guests to learn the powerful practice of meditation, a tool they can use to find inner balance and peace once they return to the chaos of their daily lives."


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While for most, a typical trip to a day spa chalks up to an indulgent hour of self-care, Fasel wants to reinforce that the spa is more than just a temporary escape. As such, Aman has created an opportunity to "strengthen the connection with yourself, your mind, your body and your spirit in nature."

"A holistic approach to the world implies that all things in life are connected to one another, interacting according to a natural order," he added. "A state of equilibrium is achieved by living a life that is balanced and in harmony with creation, and by respecting the four elements of life and destruction—earth, wind, fire, and water."


In going at it alone, the ultimate end goal is, according to Fasel, "about change and seeking to empower guests with the guidance and confidence needed to adopt an all-encompassing holistic lifestyle."

"All experiences have been designed to encourage a process of release, allowing participants to leave behind negative holding patterns and embrace a strong newness of spirit, while taking what they have learned to give them fresh intentions and the knowledge to adopt a more meaningful and reflective way of living," he said. And what better time to take that on than the summer?

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