These Temporary Floral Tattoos Are So Realistic, I Want Them All

I was scrolling through my Instagram explore feed – as I do on most nights – when I came across Crimean tattoo artist @pissaro_tattoo, who creates the most amazing botanical designs that look identical to real flowers and plants.

Not a fan of real tattoos? I also discovered that she creates GORGEOUS temporary floral tattoos that look just like the real deal and last for five to 12 days (!!!).

You can even put them on your face and look stunning.

Her floral array includes beautiful blooms, like wisteria, poppies, peonies, irises, freesia, and hibiscus, and since summer means you’ll be wearing shorts and tank tops galore, there will be a lot more skin real estate available to show these babies off.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop similar floral designs below and apply away!

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