The best celebrity party hair to copy for your New Year’s Eve look

Written by Amber Sunner

Party season might not be what we planned for this year, but that’s not stopping us from getting glam when we feel like it. 

Look, we know this Christmas might not be what we all expected or hoped for. Many of us are scaling back due to the Omicron variant, and to protect our loved ones. But, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. And at the end of the year, maybe we need, no… deserve some real glam, and New Year’s Eve is the time to do it. 

If you are short on vision, energy (who isn’t feeling a little festive burnout?) or inspo, then look no further. Celebrity hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for your festive hair fix, and 2021 has not fallen short with famous faces providing us multiple hairstyles to recreate. 

Ranging from Maya Jama (who can do no wrong in the style department) and her super sexy pony to Margot Robbie’s vintage twist, we’re up for trying these out at home this NYE. 

Here are some of our celeb faves…

Beyoncé’s slicked-back pony

Beyoncé has nailed party glam with this sleek ponytail complete with framing pieces for her face – something easy to achieve at home or in the salon.

Nina Dobrev’s bob cut 

Bobs are super easy to style, and the straightened option that Nina has opted for is sleek and easy to achieve.

Maya Jama’s messy ponytail

Maya Jama has encompassed effortless elegance in this messy updo, which is easily replicated by roughly combing your hair up with your fingers and securing it with a hair tie.

Brenda Song’s low pony 

A low pony is a classic hairstyle and perfect for that effortless look. Jazz it up with a piece of your hair wrapped to hide your hair tie to give it that sleek look.

Margot Robbie’s vintage twist

If you’re looking for a sophisticated look that will keep your hair out of your face, Margot Robbie’s vintage twist updo may be the look to go for this winter. It exudes classiness and practicality while also looking amazing.

Anjli Mohindra clip style

Clips have made a swift comeback so why not use them on your New Year’s Eve updo? Anjli has used her clip to claw her hair back into an effortless bun at the back of her head.

Selena Gomez’s half-up half-down flower

Half-updos are perfect for getting unwanted hair out of your face, but they can look quite simple. Enter Selena Gomez with her elevated take by weaving flowers into the crown of her head, and your look appears more put together and like a party do.

Miley Cyrus’ Marilyn Monroe look

Miley’s tight curls tied back into a bun with some curls being pushed over to create a fringe effect is a perfect winter look. 

Yara Shahidi’s statement hairpiece 

Yara Shahidi’s perfect afro hairdo with a beautiful hairpiece intertwined is a lovely style this season. It can be made even more festive with a seasonal hairpiece.

Mindy Kaling’s low updo

Mindy’s Met Gala look can be easily recreated at home and is a classy approach to any highbrow event.

Gigi Hadid’s waves and pins

This simple hairstyle is a great party hair idea, complete with pins to tame flyaways and any bits of hair that may drift towards your face. It’s quick and easy to do by loosely curling the hair. 

Kaia Gerber’s shag haircut 

The shag haircut can be a complete upheaval of style, but if the new year is a time to try new things – why not? Kaia Gerber’s take is chic but messy, giving it that effortless appearance.

Zendaya’s galactic look

Zendaya’s perfectly parted updo complete with waves is a definite crowd pleaser – edgy, different and a statement for the winter season.

Gemma Chan’s wispy updo with parting

This look is elegant with the tight bun and wisps parted in the middle. It’s easy to recreate at home and exudes style.

Ariana Grande’s front braids and pony

This simple hairstyle can be recreated at home and is an effective way to spice up a regular ponytail by braiding your framing pieces separately and creating a slicked-back pony to create this elegant updo.

The Pinkett-Smith family look

If you’re ever on the lookout for inspiration, you can always call on the Pinkett-Smith family for ideas. With three different styles on offer here – you’re spoilt for choice. 

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