This Shine-Enhancing French Shampoo Gives 61-Year-Olds the Hair of Their Youth

Writing about beauty products day in and day out, I've begun to notice some trends. Here's a few: On the uptick is skincare that swears off petrochemicals and hormone disruptors; face scrubs have an iron grip on our hearts; and when it comes to gleaming hair, French products take priority. Case in point is Rene Furterer's Lumicia Illuminating Shine Shampoo, another winner from the esteemed Gallic brand.   

The luxury salon mainstay comes with an impressive roster of celebrity fans, including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Britney Spears, Chloe Sevigny, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Cameron Diaz, according to the brand. And with reviews attesting to the shine-enhancing shampoo's strength, the Lumicia is a worthy follow-up to the brand's growth-encouraging Triphasic shampoo.      

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"I love this shampoo! My hair has been so shiny and healthy since I started using this," writes one person of the formula, which combines build-up removing suds with innovative shine-creating ingredients. Those include acerola cherry vinegar, which the brand says creates the best pH to remove residue from hard water, clearing the way to smooth, silky hair. 

It's backed by fioravanti alcoholate, which comes with a fun story: "Developed by a 16th century Italian doctor named Leonardo Fioravanti, this alcohol is an ancient and unique plant-based recipe obtained by macerating 11 plants. It provides glossy shine by tightening the hair cuticle and preventing the build-up of particles along the hair fiber." So sayeth Rene Furterer, and so echo shoppers 500 years later.  

"It really did make my hair shine again. At 61 years old my hair had lost its shine, but I've got it back now," comments a reviewer on the turnaround they saw. Others say that for the first time ever, they can brush their hair without conditioner thanks to the shampoo — and while conditioner is my life-blood as someone with curly hair, its absence for fine-haired people can spell amazing volume. And that's just the case, according to a fan who writes, "My all time favorite! My hair is shiny, bouncy, feels clean and does not get oily quickly." 

Those with sterling (or dishwater) grays especially adore the floral-scented formula. "I have color-treated, gray, wavy hair, and this has been an ideal shampoo for me," says a reviewer; another writes that at 78, the hydrating shampoo leaves their grays soft, clean, and manageable. Reflective, full hair is all but guaranteed, according to people extolling the "shining hair" they see. 

Per a last shopper: "My hair is so smooth, silky, and shiny! I've had complete strangers comment on my hair, [and] I wear it straight and long, so it's the way this product line makes it look." They continue: "My hair is very sensitive to shampoos, and there are very few I can use without my hair feeling gummy and looking unwashed. Customer for life!"

Intrigued? Try the shine-in-a-bottle shampoo for yourself.  

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