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We know what you’re thinking… you want to do something bold with you’re hair but you’re not sure what direction to go in. You’ve seen peekaboo dye jobs, you’ve seen every shade of pastel, and you want something unique. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this tie-dye dye job. See?

?Summer Tie Dye ? . . It was a little windy outside when taking these pics but I love how they turned out! The positive feedback I’ve been getting from you guys has been amazing! It makes me so happy that you are all loving the tie dye colors I’ve been creating. I have to give a big shout out to @phildoeshair. I took a class from him a couple of years ago where he taught a Pixelated hair technique. He was the one who opened my eyes to prints on hair. If I wouldn’t have taken his class and learned from him I wouldn’t have had the first clue of how to create this look. His taping technique lead me to try other prints with tape!! Thank you @phildoeshair!!! You are amazing!!!! It’s so important for us to support each other and learn from each other! Take that extra time to go to a class..it may open your eyes and have you step outside of your comfort zone. That is when magic happens!!!!! Happy Saturday ??

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Well, whether you love it or you hate it, one thing’s for sure… it’s definitely different! This look comes to you courtesy of Minnesota-based hairstylist Kelsey Pebler, who was feeling inspired by all of the unique dye jobs she was seeing on Instagram. TBH, we can relate.

Interestingly enough, though, it wasn’t exactly tie-dye that inspired her. She told Allure, “I started looking at different linear designs and was really inspired by Southwestern prints. I created a design that would illustrate that on the hair.” It wasn’t until after the dying process that she realized it looked more like tie-dye than anything else. Look at how cool it is in pastel shades!

Although we can’t imagine rocking this look ourselves (yet), we do have to admit that it’s super creative and different from anything we’ve seen before. Therefore, if it’s speaking to you, we say try it!

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