Toya Wright’s Hair Guru Breaks Down How To Find The Perfect Wig

For many women, a wig can be a godsend. Whether it’s too hot to whip out the flat iron or you’re in the middle of transitioning, a wig will save you valuable time, stress and, in some instances, money. 

With more hairstylists and wigmakers creating natural-looking, this low-maintenance styling option is the perfect go-to when you don’t want to commit to a complete hair overhaul, such as cutting or coloring your real hair. To give us tips on how to find the perfect wig, we sought out advice from celebrity hairstylist Dominique Evans.

Evans, who recently launched a line of wigs and hair care products, is the owner of Atlanta-based salon, Hair Art by Dominique. Far more than just a hairstylist, Evans is the creative mind behind the picture-perfect installs and diverse styles you see new mom Toya Wright and gospel artist Tasha Cobbs rocking on Instagram. Trust us, when it comes to all things wigs, weaves, sew-ins and bundles, Evans knows her stuff. Below, she breaks down the steps to picking out the perfect wig.

1. Determine what kind of hair you want.

According to Evans, you need to decide whether you want the wig to have synthetic or human hair. Though synthetic hair wigs don’t look as fake as they used to, they also don’t last long. Alternatively, human hair wigs can last for years and can accommodate various style manipulations, washing, and heat. The downside, though, is that human hair wigs are costly. 

“You want the construction of the wig and the quality of the hair to be right,” Evans tells ESSENCE.

2. Consider your lifestyle.

Evans suggests giving some thought to how you usually wear your hair, what you do on a regular basis and the type of work you do.

“You should make sure you’re comfortable with whatever wig you choose,” Evans says. “You don’t want a wig that’s going to dramatically change you. You want to look for a wig that flatters the shape of your face. If you’re doing color, you want to make sure it complements your skin tone.”

3. Measure your head size.

Part of making sure the wig will provide a secure fit, Evans advises, is by measuring your head. Don’t wing it! This will determine if you’ll need a small, medium or large wig. To appropriately measure your head, you should make sure your hair is styled underneath the wig cap in the way you’d normally wear it — whether that’s slicked down, braided or parted. Using measuring tape to get the accurate measurements of your head, guide the tape vertically from your forehead to the nape of your head and horizontally from ear-to-ear.

Fortunately, Evans’s line of wigs come with adjustable bands and straps for clients to customize for themselves. To get your own wig and products to protect your hair underneath, visit

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