11 Stars Who’ve Worn Thongs & Lingerie In Music Videos: Nicki Minaj & More

There’s nothing that’s going to grab clicks for a music video like a singer wearing a sexy thong! We’ve got pics of Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and more who love stripping down for their vids.

Sexy singers love more than to flaunt their hot bodies in tiny costumes, and sometimes it comes down to just a thong or a piece of lingerie to help sell a music video. Nicki Minaj, 34, has proved to be the queen of the thong when it comes to her songs, donning the teeniest of Fendi undies for her recent “Barbie Tingz” video. She’s the one who we all probably associate thongs with the most after her 2014 video for “Anaconda” where she basically wore a piece of pink butt floss. With a booty as famous as Nicki’s, she definitely wants the world to see it as much as possible. She even guested in Ariana Grande‘s video for “Side To Side” where both of the ladies rocked naughty lace lingerie.

Beyonce, 36, has been known to wear some really racy costumes, but nothing compared to her diamond thong and bra for her “Partition” video. Dancers rubbed their hands all over her incredible body in what is without question her most explicit video ever. That thing needs to come with a burn warning because it’s so incredibly hot! Rihanna, 30, is another singer who knows how to sizzle in her videos, as her 2013’s “Pour It Up” was practically NSFW! Since it was about strippers, there were tons of barely clad women in tiny thongs twerking throughout it, as RiRi herself wore a seductive diamond bra. Her fans sure loved it as the vid on YouTube has been viewed over 272 million times.

Britney Spears‘ original music video for 2016 “Make Me” directed by David LaChapelle was so incredibly racy that she didn’t end up releasing it, with the mother of two opting for something more tame instead. In clips that ended up later going public, Brit Brit writhed around in a barely there black costume that barely covered her butt and breasts, while in another she was wearing gold lingerie with a plunging neckline and thong behind. You can check out our gallery of 11 sexy singers wearing thongs and lingerie — including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and more — in their music videos, here.

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