50 Cent Livid After Internet Trolls Say His Son Looks More Like Chris Brown

The ’21 Questions’ hitmaker claps back after Instagram users point out his 7-year-old son Sire Jackson’s resemblance to Chris’ daughter Royalty in a picture shared by the rapper.

AceShowbiz -Proud father 50 Cent recently took to Instagram to share a photo of his son Sire Jackson on the boy’s 7th birthday party. The rapper/actor threw a celebration for his son on the special day, which happened to be on Monday, September 2, with Chris Brown‘s daughter Royalty among the guests.

The 5-year-old girl, who just recently started to go to school, has been friends with Sire. She posed with the birthday boy and his father in the image shared by the “Power” star on his social media account. He captioned the photo, “Royalty in the house, she like … what I woke up like this.LOL.”

While many were gushing about the two kids’ adorable friendship, a user couldn’t help noticing the resemblance between Royalty and Sire and thought that the 7-year-old looks more like Chris than Fif. “You sure ur son ain’t Chris brown kid? This some Kanan and Ghost s**t Cah he ain’t be looking like you homie,” the said user wrote.

Agreeing with the first user, another commented, “I though the same thing alright one quarter don’t get mad @elbee she ain’t the only one that thinks that.” Another speculated, “now it’s starting to make sense with that Chris brown type theme song in the beginning of power.” A curious follower pointed out the resemblance between the two kids, “they do look alike…hmmmm.”

50 Cent was clearly not having it after reading those comments. Replying to the first commenter who started the talk, the 44-year-old hip-hop star clapped back with a foul-mouthed comment, “either way he rich right d**khead.”

Some others, meanwhile, have come to Fif’s defense and reaffirmed Sire’s status as his son. “That’s @50cent kid that’s how they all look when the mama ain’t black! Happy Birthday Sire turn up,” one fan wrote.

Another shut down the trolls, “Only a blind person will say this kid doesn’t look like you.” Someone else blasted the speculators, “he look just like him wtf are u talkin about.” Another person explained, “he does look like him though. He looks like a perfect mix of both his parents.”

On the same day, 50 Cent also shared a photo of him, his son Sire and his baby mama a.k.a. Sire’s mother Daphne Joy. The exes looked friendly as the “In da Club” hitmaker wrapped his arm around the model’s waist and held his son in his other hand in the picture. “Party time LA tycoon for kids SIRE ready to go,” he wrote in the caption.

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