50 Cent not worried about NYPD investigation into cop threat

Rapper 50 Cent is very relaxed about the NYPD investigating him for allegedly harassing a Brooklyn precinct boss on Instagram — posting a screen grab of The Post’s exclusive on the probe alongside an “LOL.”

“Oh s—, get the strap,” he posted next to a grab of The Post’s story, repeating the very phrase that got him in hot water with the NYPD. Strap is street slang for gun.

Fitty had first taunted, “Get the strap –” his signature social media catchphrase — of 72nd Precinct boss, Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, on Wednesday.

It was an apparent response to allegations that Gonzalez was squeezing the owner of Love & Lust, a hip-hop club within the precinct’s Sunset Park confines.

When tens of thousands of Fitty’s fans piled on — repeating “Get the strap” against Gonzalez, and worse — the rattled precinct boss filed an NYPD complaint against the rapper, saying he feared for his safety.

Those allegedly harassing posts have since been taken down from the rapper’s Instagram.

On Thursday, as The Post’s exclusive was picked up by other media, Fitty posted screengrabs and snarky commentary.

Each time, he repeated the phrase that got him in trouble, though with a cautionary “LOL” tacked on.

“Get the strap. LOL they investigating my drip, I got too much sauce,” he yucked next to a screengrab of The Post.

“What the f— is going on?” he posted next to a grab of Pix 11’s broadcast on the story. “Get the strap. LOL.”

He also posted a screen grab of his federal patent application to trademark the phrase.

“So here’s the trademark, investigation over,” he wrote of the application, taunting the NYPD, “Back to fight crime alright guys. Get the strap.”

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