A Giant 18-Story Portrait of Nicole Kidman Was Painted in Australia & She Saw It In Person!

A giant portrait of Nicole Kidman was hand-painted by a team of artists this weekend in Sydney, Australia to celebrate her new HBO series The Undoing!

Binge, a streaming service in Australia, will be airing the show there and they curated this giant portrait, which Nicole went to go see in person.

“WOW! Thank you Sydney for celebrating #TheUndoing ♥️ It’s back tonight xx,” Nicole captioned a photo on her Instagram page.

Mariah Carey commented on the photo and said, “I’m one episode [behind] but it’s soooo good!!! and soooo chic!!! ???.”

The series follows Grace (Kidman) as she becomes entangled in the investigation of the murder of a parent at her son’s schools. There’s one part of Nicole‘s costume that is getting so much attention and she even commented on it the other day.


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