A Jeopardy!<\/em> Contestant Just Set the Record for Lowest Score Ever

Whether he winds up getting the Jeopardy! hosting job full-time or not, LeVar Burton’s first show as a guest host was certainly a historic one—at least for now. And unfortunately for one of the show’s Monday, July 26th, 2021 players, it was historic for a not-so-fun reason, as the modern record for lowest score ever was set.

Patrick Pearce, a product specialist from Fountain Valley, Calif., ended Double Jeopardy with -$7,400, breaking the previous low record of -$6,800, which was set by a contestant named Stephanie Hull back in March 2015.

And while, yes, it may be a little embarrassing, you can’t really blame Pearce for his strategy. If you’re down deep in the red, the only way you’re ever going to climb your way out of that hole is to just keep buzzing in and taking shots at saving yourself. Now, the execution obviously didn’t work out—he did end up with the lowest score of all time, after all—but the strategy was sound. It’s OK Patrick, no shame here.

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