A New 'Grey's Anatomy' Pic Shows A Very Happy Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy fans, the two-hour season 15 premiere is right around the corner, but until then you need to check out the key art that was just released for the upcoming season. On Thursday, ABC revealed the new photo, which will please Meredith Grey fans greatly.

As you can see below, the key art shows a very happy Meredith. She is wearing a huge smile on her face. Be sure to also take note of the tagline, which reads, "15 seasons of feels."

First of all, that tagline is super accurate. The first 14 seasons of Grey’s gave fans nothing but "feels" and it seems like season 15 (how has it been that long already?) will do the same.

As for Meredith, well, it sure seems like a happy season is ahead for the doctor. Let’s hope that’s the case. She’s been through a lot over the years, so keep those fingers crossed this season really will give the drama’s main character geunine happiness in her life. 

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Based on everything showrunner Krista Vernoff has teased thus far, it sure sounds like this season will not only bring Meredith joy, but also love. In addition to Vernoff dubbing season 15 the "season of love," she also told TV Line in September, "I can’t tease who she will end up with, but I can say that it is going to be a joyful, funny, complicated journey to get there."

See? Meredith’s journey this season will be "joyful" and "funny," which means she must be smiling a lot, as teased in the key art.

Plus, like Vernoff also told TV Line in August, Meredith is "very much part of our Season of Love." The showrunner also dished, "The question this season is not ‘Will Meredith Grey find love again,’ but ‘With whom will she find love?’" 

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As for whether or not she’ll find love with DeLuca (have you seen the season 15 trailer?) or Nashville alum Chris Carmack’s "ortho god" character, Link, remains unknown. 

Fans will just have to wait a little bit longer to see exactly what and who is waiting for Meredith this season. All that said, it’s definitely comforting to know lighter and more freeing times are ahead for her.

Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c on ABC.

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