Aaron Hernandez: Fiancee Shayanna’s New Baby Daddy Reportedly Convicted Felon Too

Aaron Hernandez’s ex fiancee Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez just gave birth to boyfriend Dino Guilmette’s baby on June 16 right before reports came out that he was convicted for previous assault charges.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, 28, who was engaged to Aaron Hernandez at the time of his death, just gave birth to a baby girl on June 16 and the father of her child, Dino Guilmette, 39, is reportedly a convicted felon just like Aaron. Public records show that Dino was arrested in Scituate, RI when he was 18-years-old and pleaded guilty to felony assault with a dangerous weapon. He also reportedly resisted arrest before being convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge in Johnston, RI in 2005. Public records also reveal that he filed for bankruptcy once in 2005 and again in 2014 and has been called a “bully” by those who know him in his hometown of Providence, RI.

When it comes to the bankruptcy filing in 2005, Dino claimed he owed $39,000 and his net worth was only $2,050. In 2017, he went against old enemy Louis Savastano in a boxing match for charity and Louis called him “just a bully around town,” according to Daily Mail. The two reportedly don’t get along and have had bad blood between each other for a long time. “He’s a big, tough guy,” Louis said. “We banged heads a couple of times.” In addition to Louis, former boxer Jarrod Tiillinghast also had some negative things to say about the charity boxing match between Dino and Louis. “I had to get between these two a couple of times to diffuse the bomb,” he explained to the Providence CBS. “I said guys, let’s do it the right way. This way everyone can shake hands and go home in one piece. No problem.”

Despite Dino’s rocky past, Shayanna has seemed happy with their relationship and Dino talked about his excitement for their baby before she was born. “I’m going to have my hands full but I’m happy about it,” Dino told the outlet. “I’m excited. It’s my daughter. She will have two sisters. I have another daughter from a previous relationship and then there’s Shayanna’s daughter with Aaron. It’s very exciting.” Shayanna’s daughter with Aaron, Avielle, 5, was born on Aaron’s 23rd birthday and the precious little girl helps to keep the memory of the former football star, who hanged himself while in prison back in Apr. 2017, alive.

Before Aaron’s tragic suicide, he was convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd and killed himself while serving a life sentence. When asked whether or not Aaron and the daughter he had with Shayanna has affected Dino, he said he wasn’t bothered by it. “I didn’t care one bit,” Dino said. “There are a lot of ugly comments out there. I don’t listen to them. I tune them out any way. Aaron had demons; we all know that. But he really was devoted to his daughter. Boy, did he love her. I think he’d be very glad to know that she was going to have a little sister.” Shayanna and Dino met each other a year ago through mutual friends.

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