Aaron Hernandez Not The Father Of Shayanna Jenkins’ 2nd Baby, Teammate Claims

The paternity of Shayanna Jenkins’ unborn baby remains a mystery, but a former teammate of Aaron Hernandez is confident that the late athlete is NOT the father. Here’s the latest’

Ever since Shayanna Jenkins announced she’s pregnant with her second child this week, people have been wondering if Aaron Hernandez could somehow be the father….even though he died 13 months ago. However, a former teammate, who used to play football with Aaron at the University of Florida, says he’s pretty certain that the baby isn’t a result of Aaron’s frozen sperm, according to an interview with People. Aaron and Shayanna were still in a relationship when he committed suicide in prison in April 2017, but his ex-teammate says Aaron would be happy about the baby news, especially for the sake of the daughter, Avielle, 5, who he shared with Shayanna.

“Aaron had demons, we all know that,” the friend explains. “But he really was devoted to his daughter. Boy, did he love her. I think he’d be very glad to know that she was going to have a little sister.” As for Shayanna, the teammate says Aaron would be “happy for her” because she was so loyal to him throughout everything he went through. Aaron was arrested for the murder of Shayanna’s sister’s boyfriend, Odin Lloyd, in 2013. While he was awaiting trial, he was also charged with double homicide after a drive-by shooting.

Aaron was convicted for Odin’s murder in 2015 and sentenced to life in prison. In April 2017, he was cleared of the charges in the drive-by shooting. Just a few days later, he was found dead after he hung himself in prison.

Meanwhile, Shayanna took to Instagram to announce her exciting pregnancy news on May 22, while also sharing a photo of her baby bump — which is already pretty big! For now, though, she’s keeping the paternity a secret.

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