Abbott Elementary is sponsoring free book fairs at schools

Additionally, ABC is relaunching its Traveling Teacher’s Lounge initiative, which provides teachers with books, classroom supplies, breakfast and “Abbott Elementary” merch.

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People who watch Abbott Elementary are suffering withdrawal during the show’s winter hiatus. Fortunately, Twitter memes and articles like this one have been passed out to tide us over until the show returns. For anyone who doesn’t know, showrunner and star, Quinta Brunson’s created the show as a tribute to her mother, who taught elementary school, her 6th grade teacher, Ms. Joyce Abbott, and as a love letter to her hometown of Philadelphia. In addition to entertaining the viewer, Quinta hopes to help schools both through raising awareness and outreach. People were inspired to fill teacher wish lists after episode three, Wish List, aired. We heard that Quinta had part of the marketing budget diverted to getting supplies to classrooms, delivered via Abbott Elementary School buses called Traveling Teacher’s Lounges. Now Abbott, ABC and Scholastic are partnering again to provide free book fairs to underfunded schools across the country.

Attached to its hit freshman sitcom “Abbott Elementary,” ABC has partnered with Scholastic to become the first entertainment brand to provide underfunded schools with free book fairs.

The book fairs take place at seven Title 1 schools between March 14 and 18. Each student will receive two free books and each teacher will receive 10. Participating schools include Philadelphia’s Harrity Elementary, which “Abbott Elementary” is based on, as well as Diehl Elementary in Erie, Pa., Bond Elementary in Chicago, Dayton’s Bluff Elementary in Minneapolis, Freeman Elementary in Flint, Mich. and Cortada Elementary and Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary in Los Angeles.

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For anyone not familiar with a Scholastic Book Fair, they’re like a book version of a Christmas market in your school’s library. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t get excited when they see those words. There’s more than just books, not much, but a few bits and bobs. And they have books for all ages, including the parents. But even the most book-adverse child suddenly becomes Orpah Winfrey, grabbing everything with a binding. They usually have advance viewings, so the kids scout out what they want prior. By the time the sale hits, there’s so much excitement, it’s pure joy for everyone. Knowing that This Little Show That Could is bringing that kind of happiness to schools and cities that might have to forego it due to underfunding just warms my heart on this Friday morning.

What doesn’t bring me joy is the fact that the original three-week break we were supposed to endure from Abbott Elementary absence has been extended for no given reason. On Feb 22, they said we’d have to suck it up for three weeks. However, it’s been announced we won’t get a new episode until March 22nd. That’s four weeks – a full menstrual cycle. Ugh, fine. But ABC better announce a second season soon. And it better be a full 20 episode one too. I mean How I Met Your Father can already get greenlit for a second season, so can the most watched TV show.

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