Abby Lee Miller’s Health Has ‘Taken A Turn For The Worse,’ Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star Uses Wheelchair, Wigs

It seems like Abby Lee Miller isn’t responding well to chemotherapy treatments.

Abby Lee Miller isn’t likely doing well at all.

According to the latest report from RadarOnline, the former Dance Moms head honcho is having such a terrible time with her cancer battle that she’s resorted to using a wheelchair, and she’s even using wigs to cover up her bald spots.

Just a few days after her third treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a source close to Abby Lee Miller says that even though people are visiting her to “try to keep her spirits up,” it’s not serving any use. In addition to having to use a wheelchair for getting around — because she’s too weak to walk on her own — and using wigs to cover up her bald spots, she’s been losing a lot of weight, as many cancer patients are wont to do when they’re, unfortunately, undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The source close to Abby Lee Miller also said that she’s “not doing well.”

While there is a little bit of hope to be had — miracles have happened, after all — there’s not much more that can be done for Miller, who was recently fully released from prison.

As fans of the show already know, Dance Moms was immediately canceled following word of Miller’s less than stellar diagnosis. Originally, the show was going to air on Lifetime Network, with former Dancing with the Stars hoofer Cheryl Burke filling the hosting duties. This, too, was going on while Abby Lee Miller was serving her federal prison sentence of a year and a day following her guilty plea for bankruptcy fraud.

Interestingly, however, Miller isn’t letting her poor prognosis get the better of her, as she said that she has plans to return to the small screen soon.

In fact, Miller said she’d love nothing more than to do yet another Dance Moms reboot!

Unfortunately, the source close to Miller said that her ambitions to return to the small screen were “sad” because there’s very little chance that she’ll pull through this latest round of treatment. What’s more, said the source, because she’s so unrecognizable thanks to the treatments, fans would be horrified if they saw her today.

What’s more, even under the best of circumstances, there’s too much “toxicity” surrounding Dance Moms thanks to the past legal battles and Miller’s reputation for being incredibly hard on the children as well. Because of this, producers were having difficulty casting the eighth season of the show.

Our thoughts are with Abby Lee Miller at this undoubtedly difficult time!

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