Adam and Danielle Busby just made another tough decision about Riley

The last two seasons of TLC’s OutDaughtered have seen some big changes for the Busby family, but one of the biggest changes involved just one quintuplet — Riley. Season 4 saw Adam and Danielle faced with the decision of whether or not to move Riley up a grade ahead of her sisters in preschool — something that would obviously affect the whole family.

Ultimately, after testing so highly in her preschool class, viewers saw Adam and Danielle make the decision to move Riley up to an advanced class, leaving siblings Parker, Ava, Olivia, and Hazel behind. Of course, the show isn’t filmed live, and in real time, Riley has since skipped pre-K altogether to head to kindergarten solo, a move that brought parent-shamers out in droves to criticize the Busbys’ decision for their daughter.

The next big decision for the Busbys revolves around naptime

Rewind a bit back to the current season of OutDaughtered, where Riley is thriving in her advanced preschool class, but there’s one more big decision for the Busbys to make about their daughter (via CheatSheet). “Riley’s doing fantastic. Fantastic. She absolutely loves school, and you should be ultra proud,” preschool owner Randi told Adam and Danielle in the latest episode. What came next, though, left Riley’s parents a bit shell-shocked. “The rest of her class, they’re 5-year-old, and they don’t nap anymore. So Riley wants to know why she has to be the only kid in her class napping,” Randi explained. 

“The thought of Riley not taking naps at school is scary,” Danielle confessed to the camera, “but I don’t want her to feel isolated in her own classroom.” Adam and Danielle also reasoned that if one quint wasn’t napping, that meant no quints would be napping, a prospect Danielle lamented.

But that didn’t stop the Busbys from ripping off the Band-Aid, and putting an end to nap time for Riley and her sisters. Adam and Danielle tried to implement “quiet time” instead, which unsurprisingly turned into five screaming kids jumping on their beds. Who knew having Riley move up a class would have such a domino effect on the whole family?

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