Adam Driver Secretly Welcomed Baby With Wife Joanne Tucker 2 Years Ago — WTF?!

Wait, Kylo Ren’s a dad and nobody knew about it? Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker are reportedly parents of a two-year-old son and this somehow escaped the public eye!

If Adam Driver, 34, and Joanne Tucker, 36, have a child but no one knows it, are they really parents? First off, yes. They are. Second, that may not be just a hypothetical question, as sources tell Page Six that the Star Wars star has a two-year-old son with Joanne…and somehow, the public didn’t know about it. Adam, a “notoriously private actor,” has never talked about a child in the press, but Page Six says that he does discuss his alleged son with those close to him. has reached out to Adam’s people for a comment.

It’s not like they kept this reported child to themselves. Adam and Joanne’s family, according to Page Six, posted about her pregnancy on their private Instagram feeds. One alleged post was of Joanne and her sister, who was also pregnant at the time. “Sisters. Nearly matching everything. #babyshowerx2,” the caption supposedly read. Another one of these pics, per Page Six, came from Joanne’s other sister. “My sisters and new moms,” read that photo’s caption.

He may have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when talking about his dog in 2017. While discussing working with Jim Jarmusch on the upcoming film, The Dead Don’t Die, Adam quipped that he got a dog for his birthday. “I look at my dog — this sounds so absurd — but it’s not. I don’t know if I can love anything more. Like, I have a kid, maybe — and be like, [gestures dismissively]. But the dog!”

Supposedly, his Logan Lucky costar Channing Tatum might have also spilled the tea on this baby. “I don’t have parties, because the world is a sad place and full of anger,” Adam reportedly said, prompting Channing to chime in. “Can you imagine, you’re just making martinis for your baby?” Adam responded with, “ ‘Stop crying. This is my party trick. You’ll have your time. This is my time now.’ “

Adam and Joanne were marred in 2013. With Adam being private, it makes sense that he and Joanne would want to keep their (alleged) child out of the public eye. Unfortunately, this might have been the “Streisand effect” at work here, wherein Adam and Joanne’s attempts to keep their alleged child a secret only prompted Page Six to go looking.

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