After Rapper T.I.’s Infidelity, Wife Tiny Reportedly Fears He’ll Cheat Again, According To Reports

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have had their share of ups and downs due to his alleged infidelity over the years. Although they were previously on the brink of divorce, Tiny ultimately decided to give their marriage another chance and now they’re reportedly on the path to reconciliation. However, that doesn’t mean life is suddenly a cake walk. Apparently, the two still have serious marital problems and, according to Hollywood Life, Tiny is finding it very difficult to trust her husband.

It has been reported that an insider close to the Xscape singer recently opted to share details about her life behind closed doors. The insider claims Tiny’s biggest concern centers on whether or not his cheating days are over. The famed “Whatever You Like” rapper may not be cheating on his wife now but Tiny just isn’t convinced that will last forever. The two are reportedly still at odds but unfortunately for T.I., there’s very little he can do to ease his wife’s concerns.

“Tiny always has this nagging doubt deep down that T.I is going to cheat on her again someday, and there’s really nothing he can do or say to make her believe otherwise,” the insider claims.

T.I.’s cheating reportedly has Tiny constantly questioning her husband’s every move. From his phones to his computers and social media accounts. The insider claims the T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle reality star has an issue with her husband’s Instagram account because of the one woman T.I. risked it all for – Instagram model Bernice Burgos.

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During multiple interviews, Tiny has mentioned Bernice while discussing T.I.’s affair and it’s quite obvious the strikingly beautiful model isn’t someone Tiny thinks highly of. To make matters worse, T.I. allegedly still looks at Bernice’s photos. Needless to say, that’s also problematic for Tiny, according to the insider.

“Tiny is always trying to snoop on Tip’s phone and computer, and check out what he’s looking at on Instagram, and she won’t be happy that he’s been liking Bernice [Burgos]s’ photos, as she can’t stand that woman,” the source continued. “To say Tiny loathes Bernice would be an understatement, it drives her crazy that Tip still looks at her pictures, Tiny thinks she’s pure trash, and she can’t even bear to hear her name spoken.”

The rumors about T.I. and Tiny’s marriage have yet to be confirmed or denied. Both have remained silent since the rumor began circulating.

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