Alfie Deyes 1 Challenge Apology, Poverty Video Backlash

Unlike many of his fellow YouTubers, Alfie Deyes is relatively unproblematic. But just because he’s known for being a good guy who steers clear of drama (for the most part) doesn’t mean he never makes mistakes. The 24-year-old recently found himself at the center of a controversy after he uploaded a video where he challenged himself to live off £1 (about $1.32) a day.

But while the British star was making jokes about having to find free doughnuts as he was driving his Range Rover and living in his mansion, people were pissed because living off of £1 a day is the reality many people around the world face.

As one person tweeted, “The point of the matter is, this is a reality for some, and you’ll never have any idea what poverty feels like. Making poverty a game or entertainment is straight up offensive.”

Horacio Villalobos – Corbis/Getty Images

Alfie eventually deleted the video from his Pointless Blog channel and uploaded an apology in its place where he admits to making a “massive mistake here.”

“When I made the video…I didn’t think about charity,” he said in the apology vid. “I don’t know how. I just simply saw this…as like, another YouTube challenge. Of course, looking back now, that’s not a challenge. This doesn’t amend anything I’ve said or done in the video.”

The YouTuber then thanked everyone who “constructively told [him his] video was wrong” so that he could become aware of his mistake.

He continued, “I should just know better. There’s no excuse. I should just know better than making content like this and I just want to apologize to everybody that the video has effected because, like I said, I was just stupid. I’m not excusing anything. I’m taking full fault.”

Alfie is donating all the proceeds he made from the £1 A Day to a local charity. You can watch the full apology above.

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