Alice Marie Johnson Thanks Kim Kardashian for Helping Her Free

‘I know that God could only touch Kim Kardashian’s heart like that,’ she said of the reality TV star.

The jailed grandmother whose freedom was secured by Kim Kardashian is thanking God for the reality star’s advocacy, branding her clemency “a miracle”.

U.S. President Donald Trump granted Alice Marie Johnson’s bid for freedom on Wednesday, June 06, days after welcoming Kardashian to the White House, where she championed the case of the 63-year-old, who was sentenced to life behind bars following a 1996 conviction for a non-violent, first-time drug offence.

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Kanye West’s wife broke the news of Alice’s pardon to the inmate herself in an emotional phone call, and, hours after walking free from the Aliceville Correctional Institution in Alabama, Johnson heaped praise on the mother-of-three for taking up her cause and personally paying for her legal representation.

In a new interview on breakfast show Today on Thursday, June 07, Johnson admitted she experienced a “moment of shock” as she was greeted by her loved ones outside the prison.

“Just to see my family there… my heart was leaping,” she shared.

Johnson is convinced her faith in God helped to bring her plight to the attention of Kardashian, who has become her guardian angel.

“I know that it (her clemency) was a miracle,” she said. “I know that God could only touch Kim Kardashian’s heart like that. And we have connected. She said that she felt something when she saw and heard my story. And I’m just so thankful for it; I can’t explain it. It’s a miracle.”

Johnson has since also thanked Trump for “having mercy” on her in a separate chat with Good Morning America, and vowed to use her newfound freedom to help others in similar situations, who have also paid their debt to society.

Meanwhile, Johnson is reportedly making plans with Kardashian to meet in person to celebrate their victory.

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