Alison Hammond says she ‘doesn’t think homework is necessary’ as she discusses son’s dyslexia

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Alison Hammond has said she doesn't feel homework is "necessary" and has been "no benefit" to her son who is dyslexic.

In Friday's This Morning, hosts Alison and Dermot O'Leary were speaking to broadcaster Gyles Brandreth and Dragon's Den star Deborah Meadon about homework after Professor Robert Winston said that it was "ruining family life".

TV star Alison was in total agreement, as she said: "It actually causes a lot of stress on the family."

One of Professor Winston's complaints was that homework stopped children from pursuing hobbies, which is something else that Alison could relate to.

She said: "‘If you’re doing after school clubs, you’ve got loads of stuff to do plus family life, and then to have a full on essay to do when you come home which could have probably been done at school, it’s a lot of stress on the family life, on me, pressuring to get it done. I just think it’s not necessary."

Alison, whose son Aiden is 16, added: "I don't feel like any of my son’s homework benefits him in the slightest."

Gyles said that he thought homework clubs after school could be a good solution to getting work done without spoiling family time, but Alison pointed out that wouldn't have worked for her son because of his dyslexia.

She said: "But what if you have children who have special needs and they can’t finish it in that club? And it then spills over?.

"For instance, my son’s dyslexic. It spills over into family life. It’s quite stressful. The homework becomes his life and it’s very stressful. He’s stressed, I’m stressed."

Professor Winston said this week that he believes homework should be banned altogether, leaving children free to enjoy time with their family, play sport and explore their other interests.

Earlier on Friday, Alison was a guest on Lorraine with co-host Dermot O'Leary, and they admitted that they hadn't been each other's biggest fans when they were first matched for This Morning.

The duo revealed they had a series of frank chats on what they didn't like about each other's presenting styles, with Dermot confessing to having been irritated by Alison's looks to camera while he was talking.

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