Alissa Violet Accused FaZe Banks Of Cheating On Her & It’s So Messy

Buckle up, people, because Alissa Violet accused FaZe Banks of cheating on her and it has turned into one hell of a ride on Twitter. It all started on when one fan asked how Violet found out Banks cheated on her. "I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl," she responded. And things only escalated from there.

After spilling the beans on how she found out about the cheating, Violet shared a screenshot of an iMessage conversation with someone she has stored as "Scumbag" (I’m going to venture to guess "Scumbag" is Banks). In said screenshot "Scumbag" sends a text to Violet saying "I love you?" to which she responded a long series of questions including but not limited to “Did you ‘love me’ when you were hooking up with a random wh*re in our home?” and “Did you ‘love me’ when I was in Orlando for my cousin’s wedding and you hooked up with a girl in our bed?”

She then goes on to expand upon the series of questions on Twitter. There were more cheating accusations, like one in which she accused him of texting a girl to "get weird" while Violet was asleep next to him in bed:

And even one in which she accused him of being a bad dog father, to which he responded that he "couldn’t take care of them."

The accusations continued for a while until Banks decided to take to Twitter with his own lengthy take on the situation by sharing a note he penned for Violet:

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We’re like a really small gang

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I love the way you look at me

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Are you stressed out reading all of this? I know I am. Like Banks said, there are two sides to every story and nobody really knows what went down between them but Banks and Violet, themselves. Here’s to hoping they’re able to move on from the past and find more stable relationships in the future.

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