Amanda Holden reveals secret to looking incredible during BGT live shows

Amanda Holden will ALWAYS turn heads during the Britain’s Got Talent live shows – but what’s her secret to looking so incredible?

The 47-year-old must feel the pressure to look good every single night when the ITV talent show goes live for the semi-finals.

But it seems she’s got it all sussed.

And now, she’s sharing her secrets with the rest of the world – and they’ll probably surprise you because she fully admits that she loves a glass of wine and never diets.

Amanda, who stunned last night in a figure hugging strapless pink number with a ruffled train, heads off to a fitness camp in Portugal before the live shows to whip herself into shape.

The sad loss of a friend before she got to her 50s hit a message home as well, which was that she’d regretted spending her life on a diet.

Amanda told the Daily Mail : "Oh, I badly want a glass of rosé. You have to enjoy life. I eat everything. Drink everything. I had a friend once who didn’t make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was she spent her life on a diet. I don’t diet.

"I go to a fitness camp in Portugal before the live shows. I’m a vegetarian, so for me it’s lots of avocado, chickpeas, and quinoa salads as well as hikes and boxing. It’s really good for your mindset, rather like unplugging your computer and plugging it back in."

She added: "There are an awful lot of people who watch BGT so I want to look the best I can. Alesha Dixon is the same. BGT is like going into the boxing ring. You train for it. You look your best for it and then you do the rounds."

Just five days ago, Amanda posted a funny video of herself splashing in the waves as a personal trainer yelled at her at Prestige Bootcamp in Portugal.

"Are you having fun, Holden?" he screamed at her as she lifted her knees up and did presses with a bar, pushing it up above her head.

"Yes, sir," she screams in response.

Showing off her toned physique in a pair of tight shorts and a crop top, she yells out her responses as he continues to ask her if she’s having fun and if she wants to go home.

She shouts in an American accent: "I ain’t got no plans to go home, sir."

And he tells her: "This is your home now, and I’m your mama."

One fan commented: "Ahaha sooooo that what you do in your spare time btw you are body goals"

"Is that Jason statham?" another joked about her instructor.

While one told her: "You look amazing"

* Britain’s Got Talent airs every night this week on ITV

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