Amber Rose Reveals She Tends To Date Narcissists: ‘I’m Not Mentioning No Names, But A Few Of Them

Whoever could Amber Rose possibly be talking about here?!

Kanye West‘s ex just went on Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, a web series for Complex, and revealed some interesting things about her dating tendencies and what kind of men she’s been attracted to in her life.

The celeb said (below):

“I had to go see a therapist, and she was just like, ‘You attract narcissistic sociopaths.’ And I’m not mentioning no names. But a few of them have been that. Like, nah, you’re not gonna control my every move, you’re not gonna tell me what I need to wear, you’re not gonna tell me where I need to go or who to be friends with. I don’t have time for that sh*t.”


Sounds like she’s learned her lesson!

By the way, about that idea of telling women what to wear, didn’t Kanye, uh, completely overhaul Kim Kardashian West‘s wardrobe when the couple first started dating???? Hmmm…!!

Anyways, besides Kanye, Amber has been married to Wiz Khalifa, and she dated 21 Savage and Machine Gun Kelly, among others.

Really makes you think…

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