‘American Horror Story’ Finale: Michael Is Finally Defeated — But How?

The ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ finale was A LOT to take in. In a huge twist, Michael Langdon, a.k.a. the Antichrist, is defeated, and it was absolutely epic.

The American Horror Story finale was absolutely insane. Cordelia realized that Michael Langdon was unable to be stopped, so she went ahead and let the apocalypse happen. Yes, really. She put identity spells on Coco and Mallory, while she, Myrtle, and Madison were buried until the time was right for them to rise again. When Mallory was strong enough, they emerged and headed to Outpost 3.

The coven united to take down Michael. Madison temporarily killed Michael to give Mallory and Cordelia some time to complete the spell that would defeat him. Michael soon healed himself and snapped Madison’s head right off. Out of nowhere, Brock stabbed Mallory. Marie Leveau returned to try and stop Michael, but she ended up dead, as well as Coco. When there were no other options left, Cordelia sacrificed herself to save Mallory and keep Michael distracted. This gave Mallory time to finish the spell and go back 2015 to kill Michael by mowing him down repeatedly in front of Murder House. Michael begged Constance to bring him back to the house to die, but she told him to “go to hell.” Mallory killing Michael prevented him from setting the nuclear apocalypse in motion.

Mallory then went to Miss Robichaux’s to start the next phase of her life. Zoe and Queenie were there, having never suffered their brutal fates at the hands of Michael. Mallory brought back Nan and Misty Day. She left Madison to hang out in hell little while longer. “The battle between good and evil never ends,” Mallory said. “The devil isn’t just going to give up and in changing the past a part of me will always wonder what it means for the future.” Evil is apparently cyclical. A new Antichrist, the son of Timothy and Emily, was born just a few years later!

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