Amy Adams Loves On Reese Witherspoon, Says ‘Little Big Lies’ Star Inspired Her Own Work on ‘Sharp Objects

As ‘Sharp Objects’ premiers on HBO, Adams talks about how Witherspoon inspires her “every day”, admits she loves being silly on set

According to Monterey County Weekly, Amy Adams is inspired by Reese Witherspoon “all the time”.

The 43 year old executive producer and star of HBO’s latest drama Sharp Objects says that it was Witherspoon, founding her own production company to back Little Big Lies that became a catalyst for Adams’ motivation to go behind the scenes herself.

However, Adams admits her approach to work is different that Witherspoon’s, telling E! News,

“Reese inspires me all the time. She’s such a go-getter… I like to wake up and take my time. I always imagine she wakes up with like, a list. She’s just ready to go, but she’s inspired me in her role as producer and creator for a long time.”

Adams and Witherspoon have worked in the same circles for years; in fact, Big Little Lies director Jean-Marc Valee is also helming Sharp Objects. Adams said she was excited to get to kind of have them break him into television first, saying “It’s a different beast!”

Adams, Witherspoon, and Channing Tatum appeared together on the cover of the 2015 Vanity Fair special edition. Channing said famously that Amy was wearing Atelier Versace, but he was wearing Amy Adams.

In an connected interview with Vanity Fair, the two actresses reminisced about meeting at a pool party in the late ’90s, with Witherspoon recalling asking a friend about Adams:

“Roger, who’s the hot girl by your pool?”

They also talked about the best advice they had ever gotten working in the industry, and Witherspoon gave Adams a tip, telling her that when she can’t think of a good answer to a question, to “Just make it up!”

In Sharp Objects, Adams will be playing a journalist named Camille, who leaves a psychiatric hospital to return to her hometown, where she investigates the murder of two young girls. Adams says she could relate to the way Camille internalizes pain; Camille has a lot of vices and a lot of outlets for pain, according to Adams, but keeps it on the inside.

“… I think that’s something that a lot of women relate to, is we tend to be private with our pain, and I really had that in common with her.”

Adams said the story-line was so dark that her inner jokester tried to keep it light on set, while being respectful if somebody needed to be quiet or have silence.

“For the most part, I like to laugh,” she said. “I can be pretty silly!”

The eight episodes miniseries based on Gillian Flynn’s novel Sharp Objects premiered Sunday on HBO.

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