An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, high waisted athletic shorts and an anti-theft purse

From Hecate: I just got back from vacation where I used the waterproof phone pouches CB recommended and they worked great! I was really nervous about using them because I can’t afford to replace my phone but my kids took videos under water and it’s so cool. The only issue I had with the iPhone is the Home button is a little hard to work in the pouch. All other functionality is perfect. My kids used the pouches for their room keys and debit cards. I’m also still using the motivating water bottle we recommended last October. Almost a year later and it’s still reminding me to drink the right amount of water. And the earphones I suggested a while back have served me well. I switched from a Fitbit to an Apple watch and had no issue with them. Here’s what CB and I are checking out this week.

An anti-theft travel purse

From Hecate: I’m going to have a lot of travel items mixed in with my suggestions. I needed a good travel purse and checked a lot of travel websites for recs. This Travelon anti-theft bag was on all of them. It has a ton of safety features like locking zippers and RFID blocking and it’s anti-slash. There’s also a removable LED light. It has places for your cash, cards and docs but I still got this RFID blocking travel wallet because I’m a stuck-in-my-ways Gen Xer. The purse comes in 5 different colors and it’s normally $50 but it’s on sale this week. It has over 5,000 reviews with 4.7 stars from ReviewMeta. I wanted a bag that was simple enough it could be casual or fancy. Others agreed, “All the best features of a larger (and more expensive) shoulder bag – without the bulk, weight, expense, and hassle of carting around a larger, more cumbersome bag.” It’s also small enough you can keep a hand on it and I agree with this person that I felt safer with all its features, “​​I felt very safe with my money in this purse. I kept my cards in the slots and loose cash and change in the side pockets in the same zippered compartment. In the other locking compartment I carried sunglasses and random other items.” Also, at our first lunch out, the woman across from me had the exact same bag!

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that cleans glasses and watches too

From Hecate: My necklace tree knocked over and made a giant tangle of my necklaces. The upside is I hadn’t seen some of those chains in a while and they were filthy. I desperately need a jewelry cleaner. I’m looking at this GTSONIC ultrasonic cleaner because it has good reviews and comes in three sizes. The smallest one is $34. It can also clean watches, glasses, makeup brushes, silverware and dentures. This has almost 2,000 reviews with 4.4 stars on ReviewMeta. I was sold with this review from a vintage watch restorer, “From deep in crevices and god knows where else this little machine removed 40 years of sweat, skin and bad habits… Holy. Crap. And the band? The band is absolutely sparkling and bright. The links move easily, it’s like a new piece.” And this person said it worked well enough to pass an allergy inspection, “Saves alot of time from having jewelry cleaned, GF gets infections easily from dirty jewelry. But the smaller version did so well we decided to invest a little more money in the larger version.”

Pretty silver spinner rings that can help with stress

From Hecate: My daughter struggles with energy bursts from anxiety and needs appropriate ways to get them out in public spaces. I suggested these spinning rings. They’ve been working great. She wears two on one finger and not only loves how they look, she says it’s really helped her modulate, which is going to be a big help when school starts in a few weeks. I chose these because I thought the designs were cute, but also because she’s not used to jewelry and at five rings for $6, I wouldn’t want to scream if she lost one. And they are on sale this week for $5. These LOYALLOOK rings have 4.3 stars from over 700 reviews and an A on Fakespot. This lady got them specifically for traveling, “I love love love these rings. I ordered them because I’ll be flying for about 9 hours. I wanted something to distract me from picking at my nails when standing in line.” This lady has anxiety and she got them for herself and her daughter, “I wear mine every day. I do have anxiety so it does help to have this ring it does it’s job. She loves hers as well.” Like I said, they look good on as well.

A day cream with SPF that reduces signs of aging

From Hecate: I only get daytime moisturizers with SPF in them. I like that no matter what, I always have at least one layer of sun protection on. I’m eager to try this Neutrogena Triple Age moisturizer. It’s light enough to wear daily but is still blended with a 25 SPF. Bonus: it purports to help with dark spots and act as a firming cream. With almost 11,000 reviews and 4.5 stars from ReviewMeta, I’d say that’s a pretty good endorsement. Plus it’s not a bad price at $20 for 1.7 oz jar. People who reviewed it say it really works. This woman wears it night and day, “Fabulous! Moistures your skin, light, no heavy fragrance. I wear under my makeup and at bed time and my skin looks and feels great.” This woman said it really did work on the brown spots, “I am 64 and have had a brownish age spot by my right eye. Then I noticed another one appearing on the same side of my face. This cream did make it almost go away. It also started working on my older one too, which mellowed down a lot.”

A concentrated multipurpose cleaner that people love

From CB: I have seen Mrs. Meyers products around for years. Now that I’m reading reviews I really want to try them. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate comes in so many scents that people love. This listing is for a two pack of 32 ounce lavender bottles and there’s also peony, honeysuckle, geranium, lemon verbena and basil. This has over 25,000 ratings, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say a little goes a long way, that it cleans like no other product and that the smell is so nice without being overpowering. “I have been using Meyers for about 10 years now & I absolutely love it! These bottles last a long time because they are undiluted so I only need a capful or 2 for every gallon of water I use to clean. I clean my hardwood floors, countertops, outdoor tables, end tables, kitchen floor, walls, pretty much will clean any surface! Just spray the area, wipe with a paper towel, wash cloth or towel & that’s it.” “This cleans so well in every room…kitchen, bath, living room. The scent is like fresh cut roses. No chemical smell and no residue left on countertops. It worth every extra penny to have a cleanser that actually cleans and doesn’t smell like a chemical plant! Win-win!”

Artificial trees that look real and vibrant

From CB: I’m looking for decorative outdoor shrubbery that looks real but will last in the heat and cold. These artificial trees are more affordable than similar trees. They come in four varieties including a boxwood spiral, triple ball and cypress tree. These have almost 1,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People love them and say they look real. They say that you should put them in a decorative pot and add stones so they’re stable outside. “I got two of these for in between my garage doors. They are pricey but worth it. Very well made and realistic looking (unless you are examining them up close). They are definitely top heavy and need to be put in heavy pots. I filled mine with rocks and love the look.” “I placed it in my pot (in dirt), covered the top with river rocks and YES! I love it! It looks so real…even up close.” “The plant was in perfect condition and a great price. I couldn’t find a comparison at any store. The leaves look very real, it’s a great height.”

High waisted athletic shorts you’ll want to wear all day

These women’s quick dry running shorts by Blooming Jelly come in 19 different colors and in sizes xs to xxxl. They have a zipper pocket and inner underwear. These have over 1,700 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women rave about how comfortable they are and many have them in several colors. They say you’ll want to size up to make sure they fit right. “I am a runner of 5ks, power walker, and I don’t ever want to take these off! Have several pairs in different colors. I get mad if they are not clean bc I have to wear a different pair on a run and I always make sure to have a pair clean for a race. Perfect for working out, running, walking, or just around town.” “These are AWESOME. Lightweight, zipper pocket is great, cut is loose on the thighs but not overly flowy, and waistband is stretchy and comfortable. Mauve and grey colors are as pictured. Have had these for months and they’ve held up great.”

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