Andrew Cuomo: ‘We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great’

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If we survive the Trump autocracy, I’m sure there will be several books devoted simply to analyzing the dog-whistle motto of “Make America Great Again.” The implication was, at the time, that America was no longer great and that an ignorant white-supremacist jingoist was needed to steer the SS Murica back to greatness, back to her former glory, back to the days when black folks could be lynched and brown folks weren’t even allowed in the country. The “MAGA” motto was always hate-speech to me, because it was so vividly about the Obama presidency and the reaction among millions of white people that Obama had made America “less great.” What was weird is that the Republican Party’s bread and butter was never gloom and doom about America – their brand was always militant patriotism, and no one could ever say one word about how America was and is imperfect, or still a work in progress.

Well, I guess things are shifting back? Or something. Trump’s re-election motto is KAG, Keep America Great. So obviously, America is back to being great now that a white supremacist is in charge. Which caused New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo to say this at an event yesterday: “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

Just… no. This is not the way to react to Trump and Trumpism. It’s bad messaging and of course the Deplorables are having a field day:

I mean, when you put it that way, Cuomo’s statement wasn’t any more or less offensive than what Trump says and tweets on a daily basis. But that’s not where we should be, with both sides agreeing that America was and is a sh-thole and there’s no point to any of this. America is worth fighting for, however imperfect. God, does that make me sound like an optimist? Yikes.

Cynthia Nixon chimed in too:

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