Andy Spade: 5 Things To Know About Kate Spade’s Husband

Kate Spade’s June 5 death is a blow to the fashion world but for her husband Andy Spade, the loss is heartbreaking. Who is the man who loved and worked with the designer for more than 30 years?

On June 5 the fashion world was rocked by the news that celebrated handbag designer Kate Spade was found dead in her New York apartment of an apparent suicide. The 55-year-old reportedly hung herself, a police source told TMZ. Kate’s death is especially tragic because she leaves behind husband Andy Spade, 55, and their daughter Frances, 13. The powerhouse husband and wife team were partners not just in love, but business too. Here’s everything you need to know about Kate’s widow, Andy.

1. He is actor and comedian David Spade’s older brother. They have an older sibling, called Bryan. In 1968, when Andy was 6-years-old their father Sam abandoned the family, according to the New York Observer. Sam moved his wife Judy and kids to Phoenix, Arizona because he supposedly had a job offer. Judy said in a 2009 interview, “When we finally got out to Phoenix, that turned out to be a lie – he didn’t actually have a job there.”

2. Andy met his future wife, Kate, in a clothing store. Kate was at Arizona State University studying journalism at the time. “We worked together at a clothing store, and I was on the women’s side. He was on the men’s side,” she told NPR in a January 2018 interview. “And one day, his car broke down and he asked me for a ride home. And we really started off as really great friends.” They eventually married in 1994.

3. He helped launched her handbag line, Kate Spade New York in 1993. Andy suggested she design handbags after she decided to leave Mademoiselle magazine, where she worked as senior fashion editor. She was looking for a new challenge, and Kate said he suggested the idea while they were eating at a Mexican restaurant. “And he just said, ‘What about handbags?’” Kate told NPR. “And I said, ‘Honey, you just don’t start a handbag company.’ And he said, ‘Why not? How hard can it be?’”

4. Andy gushed about working with his wife in an interview with BUILD in 2017. He said, “The good part is that we share the same aesthetic and we like the same things. She happens to be very, very detail oriented and I happen to think more conceptually.”

5. He is also the co-founder of the advertising and branding studio, Partners & Spade. The company has an impressive roster of clients including J.Crew, Nordstrom and Coca-Cola.

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