Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi RETURN for 90 Day Fiance Season 7!

Last month, the 90 Day Fiance Season 7 teaser trailer certainly got us all excited!

When it aired, we noted that there seemed to be at least one couple missing from the lineup. This new trailer confirms that we were right.

But none of us could have guessed that the other couple would be Michael and the infamous Angela!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans are still reeling in horror after Angela Deem allegedly physically attacked a castmate at the Tell All.

But for some reason, as this trailer reveals, Angela and Michael are back on the show.

Despite an age gap and some major cultural differences and Angela’s abhorrent behavior, they’re still a couple.

With her temper, fans can only hope that she never finds an egg to tote. She’s done enough damage already.

Angela and Michael’s shocking inclusion in this season is not the only new information in this trailer.

Anna and Mursel are dealing with Mursel’s reluctance to tell his conservative family that Anna has children from a previous relationship.

His family would disapprove, and even though he is a grown man, this is a problem.

Anna is shown lamenting that perhaps she was not meant to be happy. (Girl, you can be happy without a husband, but whatever)

Blake and Jasmin are one of this season’s younger couples.

The first trailer teased that some of Blake’s friends are concerned that Jasmin is just using him to come to the US.

Specifically, to Los Angeles — where Blake lives and also where Jasmin’s sister already lives after winning the immigration lottery.

In this trailer, we see one friend tell Blake straight to his face that maybe Jasmin considers him to be her “lottery.”

We already know a lot about Emily and Sasha, including that they have children.

Sasha, of course, already has two other children … with two other baby mamas. His first wife has real concerns about his patterns.

In this trailer, we see more than just lovey-dovey baby bumps and hot and steamy thirst traps.

We see friction between the two of them. We also see Emily hearing the sensible message that she doesn’t have to marry her baby daddy. At all.

Michael and Juliana are this season’s largest, most uncomfortable age gap relationship. (Hey, at least she’s in her twenties)

We had already heard that Juliana might have some issues as she gets to know Michael’s family.

Well, it turns out that Juliana gets more or less admonished to not engage in any sort of parenting, even if she marries Michael.

While setting up boundaries is important, that seems like an untenable situation for Michael’s future wife — assuming that they make it.

Mike and Natalie look like they’re going to have serious drama. (Also, three Mikes in one season? Get a new name, people!)

The first teaser didn’t show anything close to the massive red flags that some of the other pairings have.

In this trailer, however, Natalie gets asked a fateful question by a producer: “Do you love Mike?”

Natalie hangs her head in silence. Mike stands up and walks away, suggesting that he is done with the whole situation.

Robert and Annie have a somewhat curious relationship. 

The first trailer made her look like a golddigger, but Robert’s history of near-miss evictions make some question if he has any gold to offer.

Here, someone close to Robert speaks frankly to Annie, and she does not take it well at all.

It looks like Annia is going to be a handful, and we don’t just mean in her lingerie scenes.

Tania and Syngin’s story begins very sexily, and we don’t fault Tania for spending months on vacation boning a hot bartender.

But it turns out that they have different ideas about what to do, from Syngin not yet having a job to Tania’s biological clock.

They’re an extremely age-appropriate couple, being just months apart, which is rare for this franchise.

But clearly, their ages and hotness can’t make up for what they lack in compatibility.

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