Angelina Jolie Smiles Wide With Elle Fanning On Their First Day Back On ‘Maleficent 2’

Elle Fanning took to Instagram on May 29 to show off two adorable pics with a very happy Angelina Jolie in costume while the two were on the set of the highly anticipated film ‘Maleficent 2’.

Maleficent 2 is on the way! Elle Fanning, 20, shared some smiling photos of herself along with co-star Angelina Jolie, 42, to Instagram while the two were filming the upcoming sequel and it definitely got us excited! The May 29 snapshot showed a happy Angelina giving the peace sign behind Elle while wearing a white bathrobe and the headgear for her title character. Elle looked equally as happy while taking the pic in a pair of shades. “It’s bring your mom to work day on the #Maleficent2 set!!!!! ✌🏼,” Elle captioned the photo. She also posted another photo in which Angelina hid her face while standing behind her and all you could see were her headpiece’s black horns. “Ultimate Photobomb #Maleficent2,” she captioned that one.

The photo shows a big move for Angelina since she hasn’t appeared in any film since 2015’s By the Sea. Her role as the Disney villainess in Maleficent 2 is a favorite of many fans so it’s super thrilling to see her reprising it. It’s also great to see Elle back in her role of Princess Aurora for the popular film. There’s no set release date yet but we can’t wait to see what’s sure to be a fantastic sequel when it does hit theaters!

The sequel’s filming comes after Angelina’s busy time with humanitarian work and hanging out with her six children. Since her split from Brad Pitt back in Sept. 2016 and ever since she’s been showing off her confidence and independence by making appearances for good causes and bringing her kids to special red carpet events. It’s good to see her thriving not only in her personal life but in her career once again! We can’t wait to see what else she continues to do from here!

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