Angelina Jolie Smiles With Kids Shopping At Whole Foods Amid Brutal Custody War With Brad Pitt — Pic

Angelina Jolie may be engulfed in an aggressive, all-out custody battle with Brad Pitt, but she spotted was beaming while shopping with her kids at Whole Foods!

Custody battle? What custody battle? Angelina Jolie was seen smiling ear to ear while out with her children on Aug. 13. Angie and her brood were spotted hitting up the Whole Foods in West Hollywood, CA. While her legal battle with Brad Pitt has heated up — she recently filed docs in which she called Brad a “deadbeat dad” and claimed he hadn’t paid “meaningful child support since separation” — she showed no signs of trouble during her outing with her family. Check out the full pic of their shopping session below!

Apparently, Angelina is keeping up this tense custody war because she’s still “deeply hurt” that she and Brad broke up. “She’s not in a place where she want to admit, it but the loss of their love is still haunting her,” a source close to Angelina told us EXCLUSIVELY. “They had such a passionate love affair. It’s not something that’s easy for her to get over, not without a fight to match the size of their love. The fact is, Angelina’s deeply hurt that they couldn’t keep things together and have their happy Hollywood ending and she puts all the blame for that failure on Brad.”

However, Angelina may actually be at risk for losing custody of her children if she’s denying Brad visits. A California Family Law attorney David Pisarra told us EXCLUSIVELY that if “Angelina is intentionally interfering with Brad’s relationship with the children, that’s abusive behavior.” On top of that, Pisarra added, “A court can say she is abusing these children by interfering with the relationship with their father, by bad-mouthing him to them, by preventing visitation, by souring the relationship, and as a consequence of that, the court can decide to give the kids to the other parent, and make her go to therapy and learn about how she’s abusing their children.”

We’ll keep you posted with how their custody battle develops. In the meantime, check out all of the pics of Brad and Angie’s kids below!

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