Ann Wilson Met With Chester Bennington After Chris Cornell’s Death

Heart‘s Ann Wilson says that Chester Bennington met with her shortly after the death of Chris Cornell.

“Someone came into my dressing room and said ‘Chester would like to talk to you’ – he was really upset,” Wilson remembers. “This was just a couple of weeks before [Chester] decided to take himself. So I went in. He was really a mess. So anxious and sad and had to go onstage in a minute. I think that Chris’s departure hit [Chester] hard because he recognized the impulse. He had been hit by this news. There was a lot of fear there. I said to him, let’s just breathe here and look in each other’s eyes and go ‘we’re still here right now, let’s just do this.’ A couple of weeks later, he was gone.”

“They seemed to resemble each other,” Wilson says. “I think they knew each other and they had probably commiserated. I wouldn’t say one made the other happen, but Chris’s death obviously affected Chester deeply. Chris’s death affected me, but I wasn’t that surprised. He always had gallows humor about being lonely in hotel rooms. ‘The only thing missing is a noose,’ he’d say. And it was like ‘oh, Chris.’ And he’s like ‘[I’m] too tired, the road is too hard, too impersonal.’ He was darkly joking.”

Cornell was found dead in his Detroit hotel room on May 18, 2017. His death was ruled suicide by hanging.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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