Anna Kendrick On Kissing Blake Lively In ‘A Simple Favor’ & Trying To Give Fans That Lesbian ‘Pitch

Anna Kendrick was concerned with one thing when filming her steamy kissing scene with Blake Lively: how was her breath?

Thankfully, both actresses were minty-fresh when they locked lips for their new thriller A Simple Favor, as the 33-year-old explained to PrideSource:

“I mean, all I’m ever thinking about in scenes is, who has gum? Who has a mint? And I think Blake is probably the same because I’ve never experienced a guy, searching for gum. So, we were the mintiest, freshest two people to have ever kissed in the history of America.”

Good to know!

Video: Anna Gets Too Close To Blake In ‘A Simple Favor’ Trailer

Lively may have been the freshest of Kendrick’s same-sex kissing partners, but she wasn’t the first. Kendrick got candid about her own sexuality and admitted to kissing a few women off screen over the years, dishing:

“I definitely — there’s somebody I’m still friends with, and when we met we kissed. This was after high school, and it was the first time I had kissed a girl where it wasn’t just like, we’re at a party and boys are watching! That horrible performance silliness.”

But don’t get too excited, ladies:

“But I think I haven’t had that emotional love for a lady, which isn’t saying it could never happen to me, but I think I’m more of an Emily than a Stephanie.”

She’s emotionally straight! But that doesn’t mean Kendrick isn’t down for a full-on lesbian relationship in her films.

Photo: Blake Lively Dressed As Baby Spice Is Everything!

In fact, the actress tried to appease Pitch Perfect fans who wanted her character Becca to be in a relationship with Brittany Snow’s character Chloe by filming an ending where the two actually got together!

She revealed:

“I definitely wanted to have an ending that was a Bechloe ending, and we did shoot one version where Brittany and I tricked everybody into just shooting one that was just the two of us getting together… We knew it was a long shot. It meant so much to us that there was this following around their latent relationship and, yeah, I thought it would’ve been really cool if it would have ended up coming to fruition in the end. If we ever do a , I will fight tooth and nail for it, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.”

At least we get to see her make out with Ryan Reynolds’ wife when A Simple Favor hits theaters September 14.

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