Ant McPartlin’s fears over ex wife Lisa Armstrong’s next move

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and it’s fair to say Lisa Armstrong has every reason to hold a grudge.

As her ex-husband Ant McPartlin continues to flaunt his new romance with Anne-Marie Corbett, we’re told he’s growing increasingly concerned over Lisa’s next moves – especially as she seems to be completely ignoring legal warnings to stop her scathing remarks on social media.

Lisa, 41, is still coming to terms with the sudden end of her 11 year marriage to presenter Ant, and has been ‘liking’ a string off supportive messages on social media, most of which paint Anne-Marie in a very negative light. And, as Lisa refuses to take her reported £31m divorce settlement and go quietly, we’re told Ant is silently dreading her next moves.

A well-placed source says: ‘Ant has every reason to be worried. Up until now, Lisa has really maintained a dignified silence, giving no interviews despite very lucrative offers, but when the legal warning came out, Lisa refused to be gagged – especially when it comes to the woman Ant moved on with just months after their marriage breakdown.’

In fact, it seems the serving of the legal letter has only stirred up more resentment for Lisa and likes on Twitter could soon be the least of Ant’s worries.

Our source continues: ‘Lisa is now seeing red and is more than capable of dishing out a few home truths. She laughed at the pathetic attempt to silence her. Lisa feels the way she’s been treated is unforgivable.’
After the divorce was finalised last week, Lisa reportedly received a legal warning, demanding she stop responding to negative tweets about Anne-Marie on Twitter but within hours she went on a liking spree, having apparently found a loophole in the warning, by simply clicking the heart symbol rather than writing a response.

Ant confirmed his relationship with former PA and friend Anne-Marie back in June when they were spotted packing on the PDA. But Lisa was shocked by the news, and at the time tweeted: ‘She was my friend and OUR PA who I let into OUR home.’
The last nine months can’t have been easy for Lisa, and among the unsavoury tweets she’s liked include ones branding Anne-Marie a “husband stealer” and a “cretin”. Another read: ‘Whether true or not, someone needs to tell the cretin that there’s no slander in the TRUTH.’

And a third stated: ‘I’m not, and never, suggested someone stay with anyone if they don’t want to. The healthy thing to do is separate. The unhealthy thing to do is to start shacking up with your wife’s friend. That’s not ok in any circumstances. Major girl code breach.’

Lisa shows no signs of relenting on social media and is said to have insisted she has every right to vent her fury.
Our insider adds, ‘Lisa is a free woman and she considers the industry big enough for them both to work in. She doesn’t plan on stooping low but believes she has a right to express her feelings.’

Another defiant tweet Lisa ‘liked’ read, ‘Don’t sign the NDA!! They will assassinate your character daily and you will have no voice to defend yourself. I hate how they are treating you.’

Something tells us we’ll be hearing a lot more from Lisa as Ant’s relationship with Anne-Marie continues to blossom…

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