Anwar Hadid Shares Cryptic IG Message About Love After Kendall Jenner Ditches Him For Ben Simmons

Anwar Hadid posted several heartbreaking messages about love to his Instagram on Nov. 5. Are they aimed at Kendall Jenner?

The fling between Anwar Hadid, 19, and Kendall Jenner, 23, appears to be cooling down, and as Kendall moves on, Anwar is not taking the split lightly. The male model has been sharing some cryptic messages to his Instagram, and the dark posts have heartbreak written all over them. One message, shared to his stories on Nov. 5, read: “I wonder if I could be loved as deeply as I love.” The soul-searching question came four days after Kendall reunited with her ex, Ben Simmons. “Why are you still in my mind,” Anwar then questioned in a separate post, which showed the words written in pen on his wrist. Anwar – are you ok?!

Kendall shocked fans when she showed face at her ex-boyfriend Ben Simmons‘ basketball game in Philadelphia on Nov. 1. Then, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star met up with her ex-flame after the game, and they were seen leaving the venue together. In a video obtained by TMZ, Kendall was seen walking up to Ben outside, before hopping into a vehicle together and driving away! It’s still unclear at the moment whether this was a one-thing thing or if the pair are officially back on, but only time will tell!

Kendall and Ben might be back on now, but when they took a break back in September, it was Anwar who was at her side in the weeks following. Kendall was spotted with Anwar on numerous occasions, and they were even caught locking lips at a Cipriani party on Sept. 5. Plus, on Oct. 9, they were both photographed leaving the Greenwich hotel! Although the two made sure not to be photographed together, the sighting added even more fuel to their romance rumors.

Here’s to hoping Anwar cheers up! These cryptic messages are definitely a little sad to read, and it’s too soon to tell how serious Kendall and Ben are at this point anyway.


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