Did Ariana Grande Break Up With Mac Miller To Date ‘SNL’ Star Pete Davidson?

OMG! Ariana Grande is reportedly dating ‘Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson a week after announcing her split from Mac Miller and the timing of it all is causing somespeculation that the new romance may have been the cause of the breakup. Get the details here!

Ariana Grande, 24, just split from her boyfriend of two years, Mac Miller, 26, but she reportedly already has a new love, according to a source from Bossip, and it’s none other than Pete Davidson, 24, from Saturday Night Live! Interestingly enough, Pete was dating comedian Larry David‘s daughter, Cazzie, for a while but in a May 18 interview on the Complex show Open Late with Peter Rosenberg, he revealed that they broke up but didn’t say when. “We’re not together anymore,” Pete said in the interview. “Very talented girl, she’ll be great and she’ll be fine. Yeah, I think she’ll be okay.” Cazzie also seemed to post a cozy pic of the two of them just two weeks ago. Hmm…The timeline of everything definitely causes speculation that Ariana and Mac’s split may have something to do with Pete but of course, we can’t say for sure!

Whether Ariana had a reason to leave Mac or she just simply moved on quickly has yet to be seen but it doesn’t look like Mac’s been dealing with things in the best way. The rapper was scarily arrested for a DUI on May 17 after a terrible car crash in which he hit a power pole and knocked it down around 1 AM before fleeing the scene. Although he admitted to the terrible incident, it’s definitely a cause for concern and we continue to hope he stays healthy and safe for his own well being!

While we wish the best for Mac, it will be interesting to see where things go from here for both him and Ariana. There are some rumors that Ariana may show up on the upcoming episode of SNL after Nicki Minaj asked her to be on the show during her appearance. If she is indeed dating Pete and she does go on the show, perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of the new romance? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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