Ariana Grande Can’t Stop Talking About Her Date

These two love birds were off to a getaway at Staten Island, and have shared their romantic experience to Instagram.

It has been around a month since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke the news of their engagement to Us Weekly. Now the couple has taken their love life to Staten Island, New York. They documented the adventure by taking turns posting on Instagram. Davidson calls Staten Island his hometown. He and Ariana visited Staten Island on July 7 and had a blast until the early morning hours of today, reports Us Weekly in another news release. Apparently, Ariana is simply beaming over how much she enjoyed her time with Davidson in New York. Both of these stars were snapping photos left and right as they showed off the time of their lives to fans on Instagram.

“Tonight was the most fun i’ve ever had @petedavidson.”

Ariana captioned one of her photos, telling everyone just how much fun she was having with her main squeeze. That photo, in particular, was of a giant nighttime desert which looked absolutely delicious; a truly fantastic indulgence fit for such a romantic getaway.

Davidson shared multiple photos on his Instagram story. One was of Ariana holding up a glass of red wine to a cheer with others around the dinner table, captioned as “Date night with my angle” accompanied by a cloud, lightning bolt, and heart faced emoji. Another photo was of himself, crediting Grande as the photographer, saying his thanks for her coming with him to Staten Island.

photo credit – bae ????

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This couple had only been dating for a few weeks before getting engaged. Grande and Davidson’s whirlwind romance has made constant headlines, including some that took Davidson to task over comments he’d made regarding the bombing at one of Grande’s concerts. Davidson is a comedian, many of whom are known for making some not so savory jokes about tragic events or hot-button topics. An attack which took the lives of 22, injuring more than 200 people in total, took place during Ariana’s Manchester concert last year. This attack resurfaced after Davidson’s joke, which was not received well by everyone, some taking great offense. Fans feared that Grande and Davidson may have hit their first roadblock when that happened. Grande went dark from social media briefly. She came back to Davidson’s defense on July 4, saying on Twitter, “This has been v tough & conflicting on my heart. He uses comedy to help ppl feel better ab how f-ed up things in this world are.” It would seem they are still holding together strong, moving past the issue and enjoying one another’s company.

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